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Unneutered Male. Now has FIV

Unneutered Male. Now has FIV

Another stray male cat was trapped today. He has FIV.

This cat must now live an indoor only life because his owners thought it was ok to keep him as an entire male.

If he had been neutered he would be less inclined to wander and fight for mating rights. His fighting put him at a greater risk of becoming infected with FIV. Now it’s too late.

The rescue world is at CRISIS POINT.

YOU can help RIGHT NOW by neutering YOUR cats.

If you are struggling to get your animals neutered, please reach out - there are organisations that can help.

YOU have a choice. You can help or you can ignore the plight of rescuers trying to manage this desperate situation.

YOU can be a proactive owner and take responsibility for your own actions.

We are not NATIONAL RSPCA, we are a small team of volunteers who are committed to promoting animal welfare in YOUR community. We are RSPCA Milton Keynes and North Bucks.


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