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Lost and Found

One of our busiest roles here at the RSPCA Milton Keynes & North Bucks branch is trying to reunite lost and found pets with their family.


Here are some tips to help prevent your pet from getting lost and to help you recover them when they do go missing.


  • Microchip your pet. This is small device which is inserted under the animals skin. It is programmed to contain your name, address and contact numbers. When your animal is lost the chip can be scanned to retrieve the data. Make sure you update the data if you move house!

  • Collars and ID Tags. Not everyone likes to put collars on their pets, but this is a useful way to quickly identify an animal. They are especially helpful if you have not yet microchipped.

  • Keep up to date photo's. Having a good photo available provides you with a good start to searching for your lost animal. The photo can be uploaded to the many lost and found web sites, including ours! You can also use it to share on social networks and to create posters to display locally.

  • Keep them safe, keep them in on Bonfire Night amd New Years Eve! On Fireworks night and New Years Eve it is best to keep your animals indoors if possible.

  • Check the housing regularly. If you have rabbits or small mammals in outdoor housing then try to make sure you do regular checks on the housing to prevent unwanted escape. It is also useful to secure the garden if possible.


Found a stray?

Please follow the steps found HERE first to try and locate the owner.


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