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Corporate fundraising support - Match Funding

As a small independent charity we are responsible for raising our own funds locally through the support of the kind members of the public. When whole companies are involved, whether through donations of goods, time or money, the impact to the Branch is tenfold and truly amazing.

Did you know?

Many companies throughout the UK offer employees the chance to boost their fundraising efforts by ‘matching’ the money they raise. 

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What is match funding?

Match giving, or match funding, is a simple way to maximise your fundraising efforts. It is an informal, albeit corporate, arrangement between a company and an employee.


Usually, a company pledges to match a sum of money relating to the amount the employee has either raised or donated to a charity. It is likely that there will be an upper limit and certain criteria applied, such as the recipient organisation being a registered charity.


Some companies will pledge time and resources instead of money, enabling their employees to support a cause during their working week. Or a tangible service may be offered, such as the opportunity to print posters, programmes and newsletters.

Which organisations will support me with Match Funding?

Unfortunately, while we’d love to be able to provide a list of companies offering match funding, it is fraught with too many issues: some companies have certain criteria in their small print (ie where it’s only offered to full-time staff after two years service), or the schemes change too often to be able to keep any list up to date.


Generally speaking, banks and building societies, insurance companies, supermarkets, utilities providers, phone companies and car manufacturers are known to offer match funding schemes. You can ask your employer whether a scheme is already in place or if they would be willing to set one up.

A match funding scheme can be adopted by any company no matter how big or small. Barclays, for example, offers its employees the opportunity to match funds they raise for their chosen charity up to £750 per year. This is available for three activities a year! Aviva, in response to feedback from their staff, has introduced a ‘£Plus’ matching scheme. The scheme gives Aviva employees the chance to receive matched funds for any money raised on behalf of a registered charity of their choice.

How do I get started?

To get things started, you need to ask your employer if they operate, or are interested in operating, a matched giving scheme. If you find that your organisation does offer a scheme, let us know - we would love to promote their business on our socials in return for recommending this scheme to our followers.

A quick internet search will also give you a list of organisations that have been known to match fund. This is a good way to identify if your employer already operates a scheme. Once the company has agreed to match fund, they will probably ask you to complete a request form.

How can I raise awareness?

The more you can do to spread the word about the benefits of match funding amongst your fellow employees the better. Make sure you tell everyone that this way to fundraise exists. Explain that it's not complicated and will cost the individual nothing other than some time to talk to their employer.

What can I do to ensure maximum benefit?

Once you’ve identified whether your employer offers match funding, you could volunteer at one of our events. For example, by running a stall at our fair, your employer would match the money your stall raises. It’s a great way for us, through you, to build a rapport with local businesses. If a company is prepared to support you in this way, they may also be willing to go further and support our Branch in other ways, such as providing raffle or auction prizes or vouchers.

Top tips

  • A quick internet search will give you a list of organisations that have been known to match fund. This is a good way to identify if your employer already offers a match funding scheme.

  • If you find your company is willing to match fund, make sure you let everyone know.

Corporate fundraising support - Team Events

Fundraising as a Team

You may think volunteering is just an individual activity but here at RSPCA Milton Keynes and North Bucks branch, we know that amazing things can happen with great teamwork. 

We welcome local businesses getting involved and supporting our work. Together we can achieve so much more. If you’d like to get a team together to fundraise for us, please get in touch, we would love to hear from you!

There's lots of great ways to raise funds such as tough mudder or fun run events, cake sales, quiz or curry nights etc. Keep an eye on our website or Facebook page to sign up to organised challenges.

*For individual volunteering opportunities, please take a look at our Volunteer section.

Corporate fundraising support - Volunteer Days

You may think volunteering is just an individual activity, but here at RSPCA Milton Keynes and North Bucks branch, we know that great things are also achieved through great teamwork.


We have many individuals volunteer their time and energy to help make a difference for the animals that come through our branch - but could your organisation help too?

If your employer is thinking of carrying out a volunteer day for their employees, or you would like further information, please contact us at

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