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Mythbusting FAQs


We hope this page will help answer some of the regular questions (and clarify some myths!) about how our Branch operates. We hope you will find this information useful and consider supporting us through recommendations, volunteering or adoption.


The slide shows just some of the questions we hope to clarify, but if you would like further information, please get in touch via 

Rescuing and adopting animals is a wonderful thing to do, but requires a lot of responsibility from its new owner.  Our priority as a rescue is to consider the needs of both the humans and the animal, to ensure we have a perfect match.


Some of the questions we are asked during the adoption process are;


Do I live too close to a main road?

Whilst cats will always be at risk from traffic, by placing them within the vicinity of busier roads, we are adding to the likelihood of them getting injured or killed. As guardians of the cats in our care, we are mindful to ensuring they stay as safe as possible in their future home. One option new owners could consider is cat proofing their garden or adopting an FIV cat who needs an indoor only home.


Am I too old to adopt?

No!! We welcome all those who wish to adopt. However we would not rehome younger animals unless a relative was able to continue care for the animal should the owner go into care etc.


Can I adopt if I have young children?

Yes!! We often have cats waiting for a family home. Sadly, sometimes the cats have had awful experiences which means they are not suitable for busy homes. We may consider the ages of your children in relation to the age of the cats or kittens you would like to adopt.


Can I adopt with a two storey hutch?

Yes!! However your buns will need a much larger area to exercise and stretch. The hutch must only be used as a dry, safe place where your bunnies can rest. #ahutchisnotenough


I’m still waiting for you to get back to me!

Oh no! We are sorry you haven’t heard back from us. Unfortunately we sometimes don’t receive the automated contact forms sent through our website. If you haven’t heard back yet it may have gone astray. Please try emailing us on and we’ll try to resolve the issue.


Your adoption donation is too high!

We are sorry you feel this way. We understand for some the cost is too high - sadly the price doesn’t even represent the amount of money we have invested in each individual animal. Often the adoption donation we request is lower than you might pay if you bought your pet privately. However unlike the private seller, our animals receive a full veterinary health check, flea and worm treatment, are microchipped, vaccinated and neutered.


What if I only want one kitten?

When we have even numbers of kittens in a litter, we know it’s beneficial for the kittens to be rehomed in pairs. Sometimes we also have pairs of bonded cats, rabbits or guinea pigs. Please don’t ask us to separate them - they’re best friends for life. We regularly have individual animals looking for homes too - so please bear with us and we are sure we will find you a purrfect match for your circumstances.


I can’t afford pet insurance.

Owning any animal can be costly as veterinary care is expensive. Should your pet need emergency medical attention it could cost thousands. We highly recommend you get insurance for your pets so that should he/she fall ill, you are able to seek the necessary treatment. All of our adopted animals come with four weeks free insurance.


I called the RSPCA and you didn’t come!

If you called the 0300 number, you have contacted the National RSPCA which is completely separate from the Branch. We are a separately registered branch of the RSPCA and rely on just a couple of staff members and a team of volunteers to continue the vital work of helping animals in need.


Your staff get paid too much!

We are a completely separate registered branch of the RSPCA and only have a minimum number of paid staff. We rely both on volunteers and the generous support from the public and local businesses to help us to continue our efforts.

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