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Animal Crisis continues...

Another day, another litter...

It is just relentless at the moment. Unfortunately, 'kitten season' is in well and truly in full swing!

These gorgeous babies are just 3 weeks old, and were born in our care after their young mum was again found as a stray in Milton Keynes. Not neutered and not microchipped.

We are facing a daily battle at the moment as the numbers continue to increase. We want to say a massive thank you to our volunteers, who are working tirelessly to get these animals to safety and our fosterers who provide wonderful care for them.

We are already breaking at the seams with mum and kittens. We would be incredibly grateful if you could support us in anyway, whether this is by donating funds, food, items we need so we can continue the work we do. Or even if you would like to help by fostering or volunteering. All information can be found at our website -

Thank you!


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