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A final farewell to the Bletchley Charity Shop

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Today marked the end of an era, as the doors closed at our charity shop in Bletchley for the very last time! The doors opened for the very first time nearly 30 years ago!

The Terrific Tracey / Tracy 'Twins' and most of the volunteers team got together for a few bubbles and a presentation - a few tears were shed... but it soon turned into laughter and jokes - as they're a humorous bunch - which is of course why they were popular with the customers and locals of Bletchley!

Well done team for your dedication and hard work over the years (including those of you who didn't make it today).

Thank you for the cards and words of support Bletchley - we've added just one card here that was received today, but all were very much appreciated!

We are looking for new shop premises and hope to reunite with the Bletchley team in the future, either in a new shop or at our future events.

Thank you shop managers, staff, volunteers and customers - you've all helped our local branch of the RSPCA, which in turn helps with the rescue, rehabilitation and rehome of animals in our very own local area. We hope you all continue to support our work with animals:

... and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

Thank you!!!


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