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Rabbits Desperately seeking forever homes.

It’s heartbreaking for our small animal fosterers at the present time…

Our rescue, like so many others, promotes excellent animal husbandry and has basic minimum standards for the rehoming of rabbits and guinea pigs.

Consequently, we have a large number of rabbits that have been in rescue for OVER A YEAR! Sadly, many pet shops and large pet chains do not. This means that they can rehome animals into inadequate living conditions. As a result, many of these animals exhibit difficult behaviours because they do not have sufficient space to express themselves properly. Hutches are not high enough for rabbits to stretch, or large enough to binky - and should only be incorporated as a nighttime shelter or safe space to hide.

Likewise, guinea pigs need a good amount of space to run and explore, with secure hidey holes and other areas of enrichment.

Rabbits and guinea pigs can make excellent companions - and we have so many who are waiting for wonderful homes.

Please; Adopt, don’t shop… and remember, #ahutchisnotenough 


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