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Rabbit Awareness Week 2024

A week incredibly close to our hearts, especially when we currently have so many gorgeous buns in our care, that unfortunately have been with us for such a long time.

There are so many misconceptions regarding rabbits and the in-depth care they actually require! We hold very high standards for our buns, because of this we do have certain rules and requirements in place for potential adopters. This is to ensure that all animals that leave our care are going to homes where their welfare needs will be met fully.

Unfortunately, at the moment the abandonment rates of rabbits are at an all time high and we believe providing as much education about the time, costs and full requirements involved in owning a rabbit is fundamental to reducing these rates! Before considering adopting a rabbit, it's really important to do as much research as you can to help ensure they are the right pet for you.

Please find some helpful information on our website relating to rabbit care -

We are always here to help where we can, if you are in need of advice or are considering adopting a rabbit - please get in touch.


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