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Our Volunteers are Amazing!

Today is International Volunteer Day - and volunteers are one thing you can never have enough of!

We have a fantastic team of volunteers, all of whom help keep the cogs turning for our rescue - we really couldn’t function without them.

Our trapping team help bring cats that are lost, displaced or stray into safety.

Our event team help plan, coordinate and support our presence in the community.

Our feeders team help clean and maintain our cat enclosures.

Our fosterers provide care to animals that can’t remain within the cattery - nursing mums, feral kittens, injured or sick cats, bunnies and guinea pigs.

Our long term fosterers provide managed placements for cats and other small animals with long term medical conditions, health complications or needing end of life care.

Our shop volunteers team help sort through donations, serve behind the till and keep the shops looking wonderful - the shops are our main source of income for the Branch, so this is a critical role.

Our committee members and trustees are also volunteers, and manage the financial and functional side of the Branch, to ensure all policies and procedures are maintained and all regulations are followed.

Finally, Sally, the ‘volunteer’ who many of you will have met when visiting or adopting your new family member.

Sally is committed to providing 24/7 care and rarely takes a break to ensure the cattery runs smoothly. Sally provides round the clock care to hand rear kittens, manages the foodbank, cleans and maintains the cattery enclosures, manages the phone calls in and out, provides vet runs and many other roles within the rescue.

We are incredibly grateful to all of our volunteers for their hard work and dedication.

Thank you.

If you are interested in joining our team,

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