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Merrylegs and his Happy Tail

It’s very difficult being involved in rescue at the moment. Many rescues will close because of: overwhelming demand, lack of; compassion, support and financial resources.

Our volunteers and staff at RSPCA Milton Keynes and North Bucks are working non stop to help animals in the community. One such kitty was Merrylegs.

Merrylegs arrived with a leg injury that the vets tried to manage with treatment and crate rest.

Sadly after several weeks, when Merrylegs was given his freedom it became apparent the ‘conservative treatment’ had not worked and his leg needed to be removed.

Merrylegs really struggled at first with just three legs. However, with the love, care and support of his wonderful foster carers (and lots of pain relief!) he was finally on the way to a full recovery.

Rescue is so critically important, but it’s the fabulous homes our animals move on to that we are so grateful for.

Merrylegs was a rescue cat, but now, can we introduce you to Wilf. He is home.

If you are interested in becoming a foster carer, please contact us through our website.

Alternatively, if you are interested in adopting, please take a look at some of our available animals.


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