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Kittens. Born in a garden. Now Feral.

PLEASE, WHY? THIRTY FERAL KITTENS We now have over thirty feral kittens in rescue. Their mums and older siblings too. Thirty gorgeous kittens that were barely surviving on a street near YOU. Fifteen of which we are now having to tame. They didn’t deserve to be born in the wild, but their mothers weren’t neutered and found the only safe place they could when they were ready to give birth. Sadly those places weren’t safe. At risk from people, dogs, cats and foxes, every day was a fight to survive. This would never have happened if these mums’ had been neutered. Rescues across the country are at CRISIS POINT. YOU can make a difference! STOP thinking this is someone else’s problem and take responsibility by neutering YOUR cats. If you are struggling to get your animals neutered, please reach out - there are organisations that can help. YOU can make a difference. Rescue does not have an infinite number of spaces - the consequences of this do not bear thinking about. We are not NATIONAL RSPCA, we are a small team of volunteers who are committed to promoting animal welfare in YOUR community. We are RSPCA Milton Keynes and North Bucks.


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