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Happy Tails - Rothwell

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Happy Tails

We have recently received the most wonderful update following the adoption of Rothwell, a nervous skinny boy who was being overlooked because he was so scared in rescue.

His new mum Sandra says;

“Alfie purrs like a train. He is so loving”

“He sleeps with us, and on us on the bed overnight!”

“He uses John like his own personal sofa. As soon as he sits down Alfie jumps on his lap”

“Alfie doesn’t have a bad bone in his body. He is so sweet”

“He may always be a bit nervous but that’s ok. He has come out of his shell like you wouldn’t believe”

“Can’t thank you enough”.

We see many ‘Rothwells’ in rescue - it’s really not surprising - many of these cats have lived awful lives before they come to us.

However this is what makes our work so rewarding - to see Alfie and all the other ‘Rothwells’ find themselves in a better place for the rest of their days.

Thank you.


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