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Happy Tails...India's Story

Do you remember India?

She arrived in our care when she was a tiny kitten who had been accidentally shut in a cupboard for two days. With head trauma and bruising we weren’t even sure if she would survive.

Little kittens are so vulnerable, when teeny tiny like India they can be accidentally stood on or knocked over just by opening a door… owning a pet can be a huge commitment and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

India was one of the lucky ones - after she arrived we ensured she received all the medical interventions required before the vets gave us the all clear for her to be adopted.

We recently received a wonderful update on India’s progress “She’s settled in really well, she can’t quite keep up with the boys they’re so energetic she’s the sweetest little cat she’s so cuddly! We can’t quite believe she will be 1 next month”

Our Branch is committed to improving the lives and welfare of cats and small animals in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas. By donating to the Branch, you are helping hundreds of animals gain a positive future.


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