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Happy Ever After...

The final chapter….

Many of you will remember at the end of 2022 we were involved in the rescue of a cat who had found himself in a bit of a predicament.

Subsequently named Finn, and then affectionately, Finn the Tin Can Cat, he became a bit of a media star - for all the wrong reasons!

RSPCA Milton Keynes and North Bucks branch were so proud to be part of his story.

Since then we have posted a few updates on Finn’s progress…becoming braver, finding love and finally finding his furrever home.

It’s understandable that cats like Finn carry scars - not just physical, but emotionally too. Sadly many rescue animals do.

For Finn and his new love ‘Phoe’ it really is a ‘Happy Ever After’. Finn is able to venture outside, knowing he always has somewhere safe to return to, and that he will never have to risk danger having to find food.

We can only help animals like Finn and Phoe with your continued support.

If you can, please consider sponsoring our Giant Bunny Runner Steve Norman, who is running the MK Half Marathon in our name.

Thank you.


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