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Feral Trapping Team do it again!

Last week saw one of our ongoing traps finally come to an end, that the trapping team had been working on since 29th April!

This mission was incredibly challenging, it took place on an industrial estate in Milton Keynes and saw the rescue of 7 kittens and 3 adults cats - Toby, mum Rena and Jack. Toby had been in the area for around a year, Rena since at least August last year and Jack being known as quite a regular resident.

Rena and Toby had been moving backwards and forwards between a huge area, moving kittens around from one end to the other. We would like to say thank you to Bucks Cars Ltd, who had spotted these cats and had been trying desperately to get them help and providing food. Their assistance during this rescue mission, along with Rhenus another company who we owe a huge thank you too, was invaluable.

We also would like to say a massive thank you to David at Dog Squad MK who very kindly helped us with ring door bells, telescopic cameras and heat imaging equipment for 4-5 weeks. These proved much needed equipment to be able to safely bring these animals into care. As you can see from the footage, mum Rena was incredibly crafty and protective of her babies - keeping them hidden up under a piece of cladding so we had to monitor around the clock footage.

Sadly, there was an 8th kitten who we did not manage to rescue. We had safely managed to rescue 7 kittens, and at this point mum stepped up her protection and moved the kitten, which made it incredibly difficult for us. We believe this kitten to have passed away because of a predator. Absolutely devastating for the team, but unfortunately the sad and harsh reality we do see from these difficult rescue missions.

It is so important, now more than ever to neuter your cats. The devastation we have seen already this year is heart breaking. We have seen some of the most challenging rescue missions the team has ever faced in animal rescue. Humans are the only ones who can make a difference, and bring an end to this suffering.

We are here to help, if you need advice please contact us on 01908 611179.  


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