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Could you join our team of amazing fosterers?

What does this mean and how can you help?

Fostering is becoming a caregiver, stroker and guardian of a special rspca cat. There are many different types of fostering opportunities, from golden oldies and cats with long term health issues looking for somewhere safe to spend their final years to short term placements for those needing rest and time to recover. Then there are the extra special ones, the ones new to the world where they need a place to start life, often along with their mums who are starting a new chapter of their lives too. You will need a room/space to keep the cats away from resident pets.

So what are the benefits?

The RSPCA retains ownership of the cats and covers all veterinary care and medications and as a foster carer you get to treat them as their own, offer them love and a warm home, something many of these cats have never known before. We have many fosterers who welcome cats into their homes, from 82 year olds to young families and people living on their own and our foster cats are equally as diverse.

Do you have a cat shaped hole in your home, please complete and application via this link

And one of the team will be in touch.


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