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And so it begins....

And so it begins!! We have already this week taken in 10-14 day old kitten, who has been found in a shed on their own in Milton Keynes. Thank you to our dedicated volunteers who brought the kitten into care, and are now working hard to locate mummy cat who must be nearby.

Please if there is one plea we can ask of you, neuter your cats! Last year we saw one of the worst years in history for 'kitten season', which ended up being a year round issue rather than just limited to the season. We had some extremely poorly cats and kittens come into our care because of the neutering crisis and saw sights that no one should have to witness, or any animal should have to experience.

This is an ever increasing issue, that only us humans can fix! We need to change the course of animal welfare and decrease the amount of abandonments, neglect cases and accidental breeding. We are their voice, please help us, help them.

If you are struggling to afford the cost of neutering or have an overwhelming situation involving your cats, please get in touch with the branch to see if we can help you - / 01908 611179.

Thank you.


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