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A mummy cat died today.


It really shouldn’t be this way. She was only three but it was her sixth litter. She was tiny. She’d put all her growth into the kittens, but now she’s dead.

When she gave birth she got an infection in her womb. Pyometra. By the time she came to us it was already too late. We tried everything but the vets couldn’t save her.

She was such a pretty girl. Her life could have been different if she’d just been neutered.

Rescues across the country are at CRISIS POINT.

YOU can make a difference! YOU can HELP.

If you are struggling to get your animals neutered, please reach out - there are organisations that can help.

YOU really CAN make a difference. Rescues will not be able to continue without OWNERS also taking responsibility.

We are not NATIONAL RSPCA, we are a small team of volunteers who are committed to promoting animal welfare in YOUR community. We are RSPCA Milton Keynes and North Bucks.


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