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We know how heartbreaking it is to lose your pet and we will do everything we can to help you get reunited as fast as possible.

Here are some tips to help you:


  1. Check your house thoroughly to make sure your pet hasn't been shut in somewhere inside your home. Check washing machines, cupboards, drawers, and wardrobes. Also check outside in the hedgerows, sheds, garages, and vehicles.

  2. Hopefully, your pet is microchipped. If so, call your microchip company straight away to let them know your pet is missing. While you’re on the phone, double-check that they have your most up-to-date contact details.

  3. Ask your neighbours if they have seen your pet, maybe they can help with a search.

  4. Produce flyers with a photo if possible and put them through letter boxes and in local shops if they will allow.

  5. Contact local vets and let them have the details in case your pet is handed in.

  6. Contact other local organisations.

We will do our best to help you get reunited. Please complete our Lost Animal form.

Our Facebook page has over 12k followers in the local area, and we will share the lost pet post shortly after receiving your pictures. Our volunteers actively monitor the comments section, but sometimes we are very busy and cannot read all of them, so we recommend that owners also monitor the thread for any sightings:

We may also advertise lost pets on our Instagram page:

We hope that you are reunited with your pet soon! In this event, we would be grateful if you would let us know so that we can update our lost pets database and social media posts.

There are several Facebook groups aiming to reunite lost and found pets with their owners in the local area, and you may wish to consider posting your pets' details within these forums, or re-sharing the posts from MK RSPCA's Facebook page. Please note that RSPCA Milton Keynes and North Bucks Branch do not have any affiliation or administrative control over these online communities.

Remember: When your animal returns home, please let us know.


Found a stray?

Please follow the steps found HERE first to try and locate the owner.

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