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Shani and Fairy's story

Meet Shani and Fairy.

Last week they were living on a street near you… not feral, but once again, cats displaced by society.

Shani and Fairy were two of the lucky ones. They had found some good humans who fed them and looked out for them. These humans had tried to get help from other rescues, but no one came to their aid.

This year they made contact with RSPCA Milton Keynes and North Bucks after they noticed both cats had fallen pregnant.

We stepped in immediately and brought them both safely into rescue… just in time as they each went into labour within days. Shani and Fairy are now co-parenting a host of tiny kittens. Sadly, as they are both cat flu carriers, they have passed it on to their kittens and as a result some have not made it.

Without us stepping in, these kittens would have grown up as ferals. Providing a ‘TNR’ - Trap, Neuter, Release option means these cats can be safely returned to the area they came from with the added benefit of being unable to continue breeding cycle.

If you are interested in supporting our work, please take a look at ways you can help;


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