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Our Volunteers really can save lives...

We posted last week about a lone kitten we had found in Milton Keynes. Since then, our trapping team have been working relentlessly to find her mum and siblings.

We are pleased to report that thanks to their extremely hard work, we have now safely brought mum and the rest of her kittens into care!

This is the reality of where they were living... it's easy to get caught up in the cuteness of kittens when we see them online. But unfortunately, this is where a lot of kittens brought into our care start out. Growing up in unsafe areas, with no human contact, and a mum who has cared for litter year after year. With them and her decreasing in health each time. This mum in particular, we have identified to be the mum of another lone kitten, that was found almost a year ago... and what followed from this was the rescue mission of over 50 cats and kittens from just one street in Milton Keynes.

Neutering can prevent all of this. Neutering can and will stop the suffering these animals go through. Neutering will help charities at breaking point. Please neuter your pets, it really is so important.

If you need assistance with neutering, are dealing with a situation that's gotten out of hand, or have a concern to report - please get in touch with us and we will do what we can to support you. 01908 611179 /

Finally, a huge thank you to our dedicated volunteers, who as always put their absolute all into these rescue missions. You are all incredible.


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