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Happy Tails - Cheeta Speeds to Safety

Many of you are aware of the ‘Fin the Tin cat rescue. It wouldn’t be surprising, the case received an immense amount of media attention and the community involvement was fantastic.

We are regularly involved in cases where cats are in precarious conditions, but don’t gain the same support or media attention.

Injured or sick, if we know about it and are in a position to help, we will.

Cheeta was one such case. He had been popping up on local Facebook groups, but we were unaware until the same member of the public who contacted us about Fin made contact again.

We set up feeding stations and traps and made it a priority to get this severely injured kitty into safety.

Cheeta had severe necrosis. Trauma to his head and neck. Sore, infected and weeping, the skin was dying and we can only imagine how much pain he had suffered.

Thank goodness we were able to track Cheeta down. The vets could not believe the condition he was in and indicated the necrosis was so severe it was surprising Cheeta was still alive.

Unsurprisingly, Cheeta was like a feral when he arrived. The pain must have been intense and the only way he could express himself was through aggressive behaviour.

As time went on and the pain subsided, we started to see the real Cheeta. An affectionate loving kitty who had finally fallen on his feet.


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