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Felix - a neutering story....

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Well hello everyone, I’m Felix.

I want to tell you all about what has happened to me in the last few days.

Before last Wednesday I was living in some bushes next to a very busy road. It was where I had been born and was my home.

My mum was having a hard time trying to feed me and my sister and had to keep leaving us to look for food.

One day something awful happened. When she left a big fox came and took my sister. I was really scared so I hid and he didn’t see me. I never saw my sister again.

A bit later these humans turned up with some big cages and lots of yummy food. I was so hungry and couldn’t resist the smell and I went in the big cage. There was a loud bang and the door closed behind me. I was really scared again, because I thought these humans might hurt me like the fox hurt my sister.

They took me to this place where there were lots of things I had never seen before. They told me they were toys and beds and bowls. I tried so hard to get away, I just couldn’t trust them.

One of the humans said they were going to take me ‘home’. I didn’t know what that meant but it turns out ‘home’ is something rather wonderful.

My tummy hasn’t hurt from hunger since I’ve been here, and these toy things are actually quite good fun. I’m not sure about the white paste she puts in my mouth though, she says it will help with something called worms.

I’ve started making this funny noise when the human gives me fuss and kisses. She tells me I’m purring. It reminds me of my mummy and I like it.

The human spends lots of time with a black thing by her head. She calls it a phone but it means nothing to me. She keeps talking about something called neutering.

Apparently my mummy is having this neutering thing done to her this week. I think my mummy will like that as the human said it would mean she wouldn’t have lots of kittens anymore and could enjoy just being a cat again.

My name is Felix. I was once a feral kitten, but now I’m home.

If you would be interested in offering a forever home to a kitten like Felix, please get in touch.


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