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Amy Bull



I like to get involved and currently assist with food donation collections, cleaning the cattery and being part of the team that creates and runs the various fundraising events throughout the year.


I have always had a love of animals and was lucky to grow up with a large back garden that had bantams, geese, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, rescue lambs, dogs and many cats all at various times giving me a great understanding of caring for animals. I am a strong advocate for #adoptdontshop when it comes to pets, I have had several cats from the MK RSPCA over the years and currently have Pepper, who is my lap cat that follows me everywhere and Monty who sees me as the spare human and my husband as the best thing since sliced bread!


I run my own business in the fitness industry with my husband and have worked for various companies in the professional services sector as a project manager. I am looking forward to using the skills I have learnt through these experiences to support the MK RSPCA branch in my role as a trustee bringing more clarity to our volunteers, fosterers and staff of our mission and the way we do things around here.


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