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Jayne Barclay


I grew up in a house of animals, mostly dogs, cats and birds. When I first set up home, I had pair of rescued chinchillas (Pebbles and Bambam), they loved my hair, shoelaces oh and the skirting boards! I then rescued Pipps my lovely tortie, she was only a few weeks old and feral; we share a girly pad together and she was my companion for 21 years.


Pipps and I welcomed Graham into our home and then decided to extend the family and along came Fleur and Bandit both cats from the RSPCA. We have sadly said goodbye to all the cats now, all living to a good age. We got our first Golden Retriever in 2018, Jin Bao (Precious Gold in Chinese) and madly two years ago we decided to get another Golden. Oh boy, so we now have Jin and Archie, resulting in may purchases of new vacuum cleaners…


In my spare time I have taken up art, so my home office is a mixture of work and art gallery, good talking point when on web calls! I should say at this point that I am a qualified accountant, trying to disburse the myth that accountants are all boring and dull, I aim never to be described as such! Lasts couple of decades, I have been running change projects, training, and procurement and developed quite a few business skills.


Last year I took the decision to semi-retire, taking the occasional contract role, need to pay for holidays somehow (did I mention I still love to travel). With my free time, I was looking for an opportunity to support something that I am passionate about and hope that is what I can do for the RSPCA, more importantly the treasury role. I am really looking forward to making a difference and working as a team to deliver.


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