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Sally Wooding



I have no experience in animal welfare per se, but have always loved cats and then fell in love with a friend's labrador retriever and used to pet sit him whenever I could (even when they didn't need cover!).


My first owned cat came from the RSPCA in Kent, he was called Norman and had been a stray. He was the best cat ever, awesome personality, turned cat haters into lovers, loved to ride in cars and was generally an absolute dude.


I was introduced to the MK RSPCA in 2020 as I had a very bad experience fostering for another charity and it really affected my confidence. I decided to give it one more try and decided to foster kittens as the bad experience was with adult cats. A family of four trembling kittens were at the cattery, they had been found under a bed with their parents up north. First foster fail! Roxy and Sadie became attached to me quite quickly and I couldn't let them go.


Next foster was for a Mum and four from a breeder/hoarder rescue in Northampton (over 60 removed), things went very well to begin with then the litter became very ill with various things including herpes. The smallest kitten Baby then developed cat flu and nearly died.


She fought every day, and after a very long run she overcame the flu and started to thrive. Having been on the rollercoaster with her (she used to sleep curled up in my hair) I couldn't let her go. She is now the biggest of the litter and the girl boss at home!

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