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We Miss You!

I really wish we could all go shopping again in a normal way, don't you? We can all dream that one day we will be able to go and browse without worrying about being too close to others, but for now we have to make do. 🌈

We really miss seeing our shop staff and volunteers. You work so hard to sort all the donations, organise the shelves, serve our customers with a smile and so much more. We hope to see you soon and get that warm feeling of working as a team who make a difference to saving all those animals we love. 🐾

Our customers are missed too! We miss the smiles you bring when you shop with us, the amazing (and sometimes weird 😆) donations you give. The little chats and updates of your animals and the kindness and ongoing support you give us. We are looking forward to seeing our supporters, shop staff and volunteers when we reopen.

Thank you all for being there for us and supporting us. We can'd do it without you 🙂 #volunteerweek

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