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Stig of the Dump...

This little black cat, named after a book from another era, really has a tale to tell.

He’s travelled you see.

How far? No one knows…

Where from? No one knows…

We do know how he travelled though! In a refuse collection vehicle.

Ending up at the refuse depot in Milton Keynes, this poor boy has travelled into the City from one of the 32 London Boroughs. Unfortunately there is no way of knowing which Borough he came from, or even if he was discarded like a piece of rubbish.

Stig was really lucky that the team at the depot had regular contact with one of our amazing volunteers. They went out straight away to ensure Stig could be brought into safety.

Stig has suffered a severe injury to one of his legs which has sadly meant it needed to be amputated.

Whether this injury was a result of being in a vehicle capable of crushing items to 90% of their original size, or the very reason he was dumped, we will never know.

What is important is that he is now safe and receiving the medical attention he deserves.

It is unlikely we will ever be able to locate his owners…he wasn’t microchipped. With no unique markings he is just another black cat.

It’s more important than ever you ensure your cats are microchipped - changes in the law make it compulsory for all cats to be microchipped from 10 June 2024.

Medical attention for cats like Stig costs money. If you are interested in becoming a monthly donor for our Branch to help give cats like Stig a future, we would be very grateful.



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