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Sponsor a Cat, Rabbit or Guinea Pig Enclosure!

Every day of the year we are taking in new arrivals. Rescue never closes.


Whether these are cats, kittens, rabbits, guinea pigs or the occasional dog or bird, they all need support.


They may have suffered neglect, been injured, living wild or dumped - they all have a story that we often will never know.

What matters now is their future - and you can help with that!


By sponsoring a pen, you will be helping many animals have the best NEW start. A future that is safe, more stable and a whole lot brighter!


Once an animal enters the rescue, we will ensure they are provided a warm and safe environment. As well as essentials such as food and litter, they will receive enrichment and loving care for however long they need to stay. In addition they will receive any medical care that is needed - this may be as a simple course of vaccinations, worming, flea treatment, chipping and neutering... but sometimes includes intensive veterinary treatment, long term medications or permanent long term foster.

By sponsoring a pen you will be helping support many animals that need a rescue placement.

Sponsorship Details

Sponsorship can be paid monthly or as a one-off payment.

£5.00 per month


£60 for six months

or £100 for the whole year!

There's no limit on how many enclosures you can sponsor...we have nine standard pens, six isolation units and our fosterers all have individual enclosures for the foster rabbits and guinea pigs.

For your sponsorship donation we will provide a Certificate (see example) that will displayed at our pens in Great Linford.

You will also be able to book in a visit to the pens so that one of our volunteers can introduce you to the current residents and explain some of the work we are involved in.

Unfortunately we are unable to arrange visits to our rabbit and guinea pig enclosures as these animals are fosterered in private residences. However, you will be welcome to book in a visit to our cattery.

All you need to do now is....choose which type of enclosure you would like to sponsor!

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Ways to Pay 

Make your payment securely using a bank card.

(You do not need to set up a Paypal account).

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