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A few things to note:

  • The minimum age for this challenge is 12 years old.

  • The upper weight limit is 136kg (21st 5lb), there is no minimum weight.

  • This is a physically demanding  challenge.

  • Due to the nature of the activity there are occasions where poor weather may mean that the event will be moved to an indoor abseil inside the tower.

  • It costs £100 to enter the challenge and this must be paid in full prior to us booking the event.

  • Photos are available to purchase directly from Extreme Abseil and are £15 for a pair, printed and emailed, taken from the top as you go over.

  • Spectators are welcome at the venue, but are not allowed inside the tower.

We’re up for a challenge how about you? Are you seeking a new thrill?  Do you want to test your nerves?

Do you fancy doing something exciting and a little bit different with us while raising vital funds for our animals?


We want to abseil down the tallest permanent abseil tower in the WORLD and we’re inviting you to join us!  Yes really!!


The National Lift Tower in Northampton is 418ft high and abseiling down it will be undoubtedly an incredible experience. It’s an extreme challenge, but a fabulous opportunity to abseil down the iconic listed building.


The highly experienced, professional team at Extreme Abseil will provide full training and equipment so that you can complete this incredible challenge and ensure that you have an unforgettable experience.


As a thanks for your support and if you wish it, we will be happy to refund your entry fee in full as long as you reach your sponsorship target set out in our terms.


We can help you set up your own fundraising page online and we’ll advertise on social media so that we collectively raise as much support as possible.

When? TBA 2020



Our terms

When you sign up for the challenge you will be asked to agree the following:

  1. You agree that we can use any photos we take of you participating in the event, now and in the future, on our website and social media without compensation.

  2. The entry fee of £100 will be paid in full before the deadline provided and if requested, will only be refunded in full once your minimum sponsorship funds of at least £200 have been received.

  3. No entry fee refunds will be provided if you are unable to attend and wish to cancel.

  4. You have read and understand the full Terms and Conditions set out by ExtremeAbseil

  5. You accept that should the weather be poor, we will continue with the abseil inside the tower rather than re-book the event.


Don't worry we can't take part physically, but you can still suppawt us! You can donate directly to the fund and support our volunteers taking part by visiting our dedicated fundraising page.

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