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We received a call for help yesterday from a local vet who had been given this young cat to treat. As you can see, he sustained a serious injury to his neck and head. It was so bad that we cannot show you the original arrival photographs due to the graphic nature of the images. We have been advised that the injury is likely to have been caused by a burn, probably from a vehicle exhaust. The damaged flap of dead skin, which was full of infection, had to be carefully removed and the wound and infection treated.

We estimate that this lucky cat is only about three years old and we’ve named him JAX.

As you can see from the photo shown which was taken after he received treatment, the staff at MK Veterinary Centre have done a wonderful job. Jax will be closely monitored in hospital and is still at risk due to the nasty infection, but we are all hopeful that he will make a full recovery.

Jax is just one of the many animals that we rescue and provide treatment for each year. The costs of his treatment alone so far are already running into the hundreds of pounds and this will continue to rise while he remains in hospital. We are appealing to you to help us if you can by making a donation to his fund. No matter how large or small, all donations are greatly appreciated.

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