12 Strays of Christmas! Day 6

December 18, 2015

Hi, my name is Rupert, I was found wandering around limping badly. Some lovely ladies at a place called "the vets" made my knee better. I will always have a limp now, just like Tiny Tim but unlike him I can round round just fine and don't need crutches. They think I am about five years old and I am really happy with other people and cats, I have recently been with some kittens and my fosterer told me I was like a big kitten running round. I am hoping to find me furrever family really soon and have made this song for you.

Rupert the black nosed tuxedo, had a very wet and shiny nose
And if you come and meet me you will know that it glows
All of the other cats, laugh with him and play games
Rupert play with them all but he dreams
That one foggy day near Christmas time
His fosterer will say
Rupert with your nose so shiny
You have a brand new home, where your furrever hoomins
Will keep you safe and warm. Then all the other cats will cheer and shout with glee
Way to Go Rupert, you'll go down in history





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