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Tofu - a feral cat story.

Meet Tofu.

Tofu was another cat who arrived in rescue as a result of our volunteers efforts to stop the continued breeding of cats from just one area of Milton Keynes.

Tofu is only a couple of years old, but as he was born ‘in the wild’ he is now feral.

When ferals come to us we look after them in the same way as all the animals that enter the rescue.

They receive a full health check, are neutered, snap tested for FelV and FIV, microchipped, flea and worm treated and if they have any medical problems, these are attended to.

Sadly, most people don’t want feral cats living with them, so we look for rural homes where they can be fed and looked after, but are able to continue their outdoor lifestyle with minimal interference from humans.

If you are looking for a feral like Tofu for your yard, small holding or farm, please get in touch.


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