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Please be Kind...

When people mention the RSPCA, responses seem to be like those to Marmite. You either love it or you hate it.

Ultimately though, whether you love it or hate it, we aren’t Marmite.

We a small branch. Run by an even smaller team of paid staff. The majority of our ‘staff’ are actually unpaid volunteers.

Sweeping across the country is a crisis. A crisis in the economy, a crisis for people and consequently a crisis for the animals they can no longer afford to keep.

We understand this must be incredibly stressful and heartbreaking for those affected but we must ask for one thing.


We do not have an infinite number of pens or enclosures. We are limited by space, available fosterers and resources.

  • Right now we have a total of 91 animals in our care!! This includes 50 cats and 26 rabbits.

  • In the first three months of 2023 we have neutered 103 cats, 20 dogs and 20 rabbits.

  • We have been involved in the welfare assistance for 34 animals, and taken in all strays that have arrived at vets across Milton Keynes - a total of 59 animals.

  • Our volunteers also run a Foodbank for animals every Monday from the Great Linford Community Hub. This is to assist those on benefits who might be struggling.

If you do need help, please do get in touch, but first, consider all your options - friends, colleagues, family, neighbours.

Most importantly, please don’t think that because we can’t help you immediately that we are simply doing nothing. If we can, we will help support you, it just might take us a little longer.


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