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Big Boy Bruce!

Big Boy Bruce is another special kitty who has a tale to tell.

Incredibly sick and roaming stray, he was reported by a member of the public to several rescues. Milton Keynes and North Bucks RSPCA was the only one willing to help.

We arranged for Bruce to be taken straight to our vets, where he received medication to control his flu symptoms and specialist care to get him back to full health.

Unfortunately Bruce was found to be an FIV carrier. A death sentence with some rescues, but we absolutely do not give up on our rescues unless a veterinary professional tells us otherwise.

Once rehabilitated and finally well again, we looked for the right home for Bruce - an indoor only home perhaps with a catio.

We were thrilled when Bruce was offered an indoor only haven with enrichment and a catio balcony which overlooks a racecourse!

Bruce is yet another kitty who has a Happy Ever After, thanks to our volunteers and the community supporting our work.


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