Fleas Can Kill

Fleas are a common problem for pet owners and although they may seem to be nothing more than an itchy nuisance for your animal they can be DEADLY. Every year we encounter cases where animals have been left untreated and as a result, many die, particularly kittens. Flea treatment should be part of every responsible pet owner’s routine.

FACTS • Fleas feed on the blood from their host. They literally suck the life out of the animal, causing anemia and often death. • Flea larvae can be infected with tapeworm eggs. If your pet eats the infected flea, they can then develop tapeworm. • Fleas can carry diseases which can also KILL your pet. • Allergic dermatitis is a common reaction to the saliva from a flea bit. Causing intense scratching by cats and even bald patches due to hair pulling.

The only way to protect your pet is to take preventative measures. To find out more, read the information page on our National website: