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Special Appeal - Biscuit & Oreo

We’re looking for a special home for Biscuit and Oreo who are brothers and have a life long bond. They are now over 5 years old and came into care because their owners moved home and couldn’t take them with them.

They are inseparable but sadly Oreo is unwell and needs extra daily attention and care by a meticulous bunny owner. Oreo has ear and dental disease which is manageable at present, but which could at any time grow much worse. He could also live for years without suffering and he is currently very happy. We’d love to give Oreo the chance to live as long as he can with his partner provided he is in no discomfort or pain. Therefore we are offering Biscuit and Oreo as a pair for long term foster. This means they will remain legally owned by our branch and we would pay all veterinary costs associated with the ongoing issues, but that they would be cared for on a daily basis by a foster owner.

Oreo will need daily ear mediation, a high fibre diet and chew toys to help keep his teeth healthy all of which will be provided.

If you can offer this lovely pair a foster home or would like more information then please get in touch with Carol by emailing her:

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