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Rehoming Teddy Bears

Our branch doesn't just find new homes for animals, it finds new homes for teddy bears too!

Sadly when teddy bear owners reach adulthood they often release teddy bears to the wild or place them in terrible rehoming sites like "The recycling center". 😔

We are the number one (unofficial) teddy bear rehoming center of the UK and all the teddy bears who come to us receive a full medical (fluff review) and shower (with a short spin) plus all the food they can eat! They are then presented and displayed (with a raffle ticket I.D) ready for rehoming.

Even though we are popular, we are pleased to say that we now have spaces available and we would LOVE to have your teddies, so please be a good teddy rehomer yourself and drop off all your bears (and any other soft toys) to us! 🐾

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