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Alex - Still missing - Tattenhoe Park

"Alex is still missing. £1000 reward for his safe return. Please please help bring him home to me. I can’t eat or sleep. I am devastated. I am so worried about him. Please please let me know if you have seen or heard anything at all. Someone talking about their new pet cockatiel, or someone asking/ advertising for a cage urgently may have my baby Alex. Thank you to everyone that has been sharing and messaging. It means the world to me. You all have the power to get Alex’s message out there and to get Alex back home where he belongs!!!! Xx"

My flat burnt down last Friday in Tattenhoe Park, Milton Keynes. I lost everything. I couldn’t save all my pets. My cat and parrot passed away due to the fire. My cockatiel, Alex, I am hoping managed to escape as they didn’t find his body with the others. He was flying loose in the lounge when the balcony windows exploded and the fire came into my lounge. It happened in seconds and the room filled up with thick black smoke. I couldn’t find him or get the others out in time. Alex and I have never spent a minute apart since he was 5 weeks old. He is my best friend. Please keep a lookout for him when you are walking and in your gardens. He loves rich tea biscuits! I am desperately worried about him and need to find him. Please please share this post. Someone will know, or have heard something. Thank you.xx"

If you have any information then please contact us.

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