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Kitten Food Appeal

We've had unprecedented numbers of pregnant cats, cats with kittens and kittens on their own come in this year. We've had two cats needing emergency c-sections, kittens dumped on the motorway slip road, others found in boxes in laybys , some handed in as strays and some just unwanted by their owners. Many have arrived in a terrible state but thanks to our wonderful fosterers they are all doing really well and will soon be available for adoption.

We currently have over 90 kittens in our care so we are going through kitten food at an alarming rate. We especially need wet kitten food (any brand). Please consider donating some if you can - kitten food seems particularly expensive on Amazon right now but Zooplus are much more reasonably priced and will deliver directly to us (just message us for the address). We can also take donations in any of our shops, directly to us or we can collect, please contact us if you need any information.

Thank you

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