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Rabbits are at risk!

Twitch, sleeping on a hot day

Please take the time to provide extra care for your outdoor rabbits throughout the heat wave.

Here’s some things you can do to help them cope.

  • Move the hutch to the shadiest area of your garden, even if it’s just temporary until the heat wave passes.

  • Put up a sun brolly to provide extra shade.

  • Ensure they have access to a secure run.

  • Provide cool water in a bowl. Rabbits can access much more water, more quickly from a bowl rather than a bottle. Refresh it twice a day if possible.

  • Use an empty plastic bottle, fill ¾ full with water and freeze it. Once frozen, put the frozen water bottle in the hutch so that your bunny can lean against it to keep cool.

  • Place a ceramic or marble tile in the hutch. The marble or tile stays cool for them to lie on. Don't leave these in the sun - they'll get boiling hot!

  • Brush out excessive fur.

  • Provide fresh vegetables to help keep bunny hydrated

  • If it's unbearably hot and your house is cooler than outside, bring your rabbits indoors if possible.

  • Check regularly for Fly Strike - More info here:

Heatstroke – The Signs

  • Reddening of the ears

  • Panting

  • Lethargy

  • Salivating

  • Weakness or slow movements

  • Acting confused

  • Convulsing.

What do I do if my rabbit experiences heat stroke?

  • DO NOT submerge them in cold water. This could place the rabbit in shock.

  • Dampen the ears and body with cool water by running a small towel under a cold tap and then gently stroking the ears and body.


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