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Mae Appeal

Today we’ve been helping an Inspector with a difficult rescue operation. The occupant of this house sadly passed away a couple of weeks ago, but no one knew. There appears to be no next of kin so no one was aware of the terrible situation. The house is very congested and cluttered, and among the disarray there are many cats. They’ve been locked inside the house without food and water, and the results are distressing. All of the cats we have managed to recover so far have been rushed to Heath and Reach Veterinary Surgery where they are receiving emergency treatment for malnutrition, dehydration, eye problems and infections. One female cat has been taken to Walnut Tree Hospital where she is fighting for her life, we are unsure if she will survive and so we have named our appeal after her - "Mae". We’ve managed to rescue 14 cats from this terribly sad situation, but there are more in the house which we couldn’t locate or coax out from hiding. We have left traps out and will be returning to the house to rescue the remainder. This large rescue effort has already made an impact on our branch financially and with a long term recovery ahead for all the cats rescued it will be a lengthy and costly event. Emergency care and some support is being provided by the National RSPCA but we still need help to cover the long term costs for the rehabilitation of these cats. Can you help? Please consider making a donation, no matter how small, to help us.

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