One Charity, Hundreds of Animals

The RSPCA consists of many branches countrywide who are all individually registered charities. As part of this network our branch carries out much of the direct animal welfare work in our local area.

In 2016 our veterinary and animal welfare bill was over £173,000! This amount would have been even higher if it wasn’t for the generous donations of food and supplies offered by the local community for which we are very grateful. However, we cannot pay the veterinary bills with food so equally important to us are monetary donations.

Regular Giving provides our branch with an income which we can rely on each month. The regular donations can be set from as little as £1 per month, can be stopped whenever you wish and can be set up in minutes. Just click the link and select the “Regular Donation” button, then choose an amount and complete your details. Your donation will ensure we can continue our vital animal welfare work in our local area. 💙 Link: