Cat of the Day - Jack!

Tuesday and we have a fab cat waiting to meet you!

VOLUNTEER: "Hey buddy, what's your name?"

JACK: "Good morning everyone, and a Happy Friday to you! I'm Jack today's Cat of the Day! As you can see, every cat is looking at me because I'm so handsome, fluffy and ginger!! I can be quite independent too which has put some people off me, but I am pretty awesome most of the time, so if you give me a little space while I settle in your home, I'm sure to chill out again and lay my head on your lap. Give the lovelies at MK RSPCA a call on 01908 611179 and leave a message to meet me, Jack. Thank you."

VOLUNTEER: "Jack you've been through a lot so we understand that you are upset at the moment. You know it takes time to adjust and this place is just a temporary home for you while we look for your new family. Not all of your visitors will understand that though."

JACK: "I can't help it, i feel on edge at the moment, but if i had a place of my own where i can roam freely again and a human to pamper then i would be so much happier".

VOLUNTEER: "We've got everything crossed for you Jack and we'll help your new family when you settle in. We're always on hand to give support and advice"

JACK: "You're all great and i'll miss you, but I long for a home of my own".

VOLUNTEER: "Well maybe someone will read this interview and feel that you are right for their family. Good luck Jack"