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Cat of the Day - Cosmo & Nico!

Great it's Friday! We have a pair of Friday cats waiting to meet you...

Cosmo and Nico come as a pair. Two very special cats looking for a very special see these cats are a year old, and both have been diagnosed with heart murmurs.

We have had many cats come through our doors with murmurs, and many go on to lead normal (if not slightly more sedate) lives.

It is hoped that Cosmo and Nico are the same, however Cosmo also has an enlarged heart, which puts him at slightly greater risk. Despite this diagnosis, neither Cosmo or Nico are on medication and they may never have problems - but there is a possibility of heart failure which could potentially mean they would need diuretics. We know this is a massive commitment to give the gift of love, with the risk of loss. All we want is for these two wonderful cats to be given the opportunity to be you have room in your heart for such a commitment?? Please call MK & North Bucks RSPCA on 01908 611179, if you have a heart big enough for two….we would love to hear from you.

All our adult cats are neutered, microchipped and treated for fleas and worms. They will also have had (at least) their first vaccinations and you can opt for four weeks free insurance available from Petplan. We ask for a minimum donation of £60 for each cat to help cover our costs. Please note that a home visit may be required.

If you would like any more information about any of these cats, or feel you'd like to offer one or maybe two of them a home, then please call us on 01908 611179.

*Please note that at times we are very busy caring for the animals in our care and so we are unable to take your call. Please leave your details and a message and we will call you back as soon as we can. We appreciate your patience.*

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