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Cat of the Day - Buster!

Today we are meeting another handsome chap.

VOLUNTEER: "Hello, please do tell us about yourself"

BUSTER: "Good morning everyone, I'm Buster and I'm Tuesday's Cat of the Day!! As you can see I'm a smashing kitty with amazing long white whiskers and eyelashes and a super blaze down my nose."

VOLUNTEER: "Yes you are a handsome chap Buster. I can see some flecks of white among your lovely black fur and those amazing white whiskers are stunning. Tell us more.."

BUSTER: "My most favourite things are chin rubs and Dreamies, and my least favourite thing is being picked up! I'd love a home where I can live the outdoor life, perhaps with fields to play in and my own personal back door so I can come and go as I please - once I've settled of course!! If you are looking for an independent kitty, then I'm your perfect match!! Just call MK RSPCA on 01908 611179 and ask to meet me, Buster!"

VOLUNTEER: "Chin rubs but no pick-ups huh! Ok, well we all have our quirky needs and Buster and i'm sure you won't mind being 'picked up' and taken to a new home where you can purrfect those white whiskers some more!. Good luck!

Buster is about five years old.

All our adult cats are neutered, microchipped and treated for fleas and worms. They will also have had (at least) their first vaccinations and you can opt for four weeks free insurance available from Petplan. We ask for a minimum donation of £60 for each cat to help cover our costs. Please note that a home visit may be required.

If you would like any more information about any of these cats, or feel you'd like to offer one or maybe two of them a home, then please call us on 01908 611179.

*Please note that at times we are very busy caring for the animals in our care and so we are unable to take your call. Please leave your details and a message and we will call you back as soon as we can. We appreciate your patience.*

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