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Which Hay?

We’ve been hopping on all week about how important it is to feed a bundle of hay to your rabbit each day, but one thing we haven’t told you is which hay. There are a loads of different types of Hay so which one do you feed to rabbits? 🤔 Hay is crucial for a rabbit in maintaining a steady, healthy gut and also for keeping the teeth short. If hay or grass Is not available a rabbit can become very ill, very quickly and this can result in death. You’ll see several types of hay on offer at local pet stores, but the following types of hay are suitable feeding hays which can be provided on a daily basis to healthy adult rabbits. Timothy Hay Meadow Hay Orchard Hay / Grass Oat Hay Herbal Hay (Herbage) There are many specialist hays available on the market too, but we recommend that you read any feeding instructions and warnings on the packaging carefully as some are not suitable for all rabbits. As with all foods, if you are providing something new to your rabbit then introduce it slowly, in small quantities to start with and gradually build up. Your rabbit will love a variety and mix of hays to forage in! 🐰

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