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Rabbit Awareness Week

It’s day 6 of Rabbit Awareness Week and if you’ve somehow miraculously missed my posts at 8am then I will brief you….😃 A rabbits diet should consist mostly of hay! Yes indeed… hay and/or grass. In fact 85-90% of their diet should be hay!

Today we are looking at ways to make feeding time fun for your bunny. Rabbits are intelligent animals and get bored easily, especially if they do not have a husbun or wifebun living with them. What can you do? You could pop to your local pet store and purchase rabbit friendly toys and chews, however you don’t have to spend extra money to provide your rabbits a bit of fun, you can use household items and make them yourself.

Making hay toys is a great way to encourage your rabbits to eat hay. Check out our DIY videos listed below;

We’d love to see pics or video’s of your rabbits enjoying hay or grass. 😍

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