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Rabbit Awareness Week Day #5

By now you are all aware of the importance of hay in a rabbits diet. This along with a fresh, daily supply of water will help to keep your rabbits gut moving and healthy. If you weren’t already feeding at least a bundle of hay which equals the size of your rabbit on a daily basis then you should be by now and hopefully you’ve told all your bunny owning friends and relatives! Thank you :-) So what happens if your rabbit doesn’t want to eat hay? What do you do? The first thing to do is get them to the vets for a health check to ensure there are no underlying health problems.. There are currently various vets around Milton Keynes who are offering free health checks as part of Rabbit Awareness Week. Check out the events page on the RAW website to find your nearest one. If they pass the health check then try the following: Provide constant access to the best quality hay you can afford, which is dust free and sweet smelling, slightly green and with long strands. Hay and dried grass is available in various different forms, e.g. hay cubes, hay cookies and bagged kiln-dried grass. Try various different makes and types. Variety is good and adding a fresh portion several times a day will help keep your rabbit healthy. You can offer freshly picked grass to tempt them too, but never lawnmower clippings. Check that you are not overfeeding other tasty food, such as pellets (nuggets) and leafy greens and reduce or remove treats from the diet completely to encourage their appetite for hay. Tomorrow we will talk about making feeding time fun. This can also help when trying to encourage bunny to eat more hay! 😉 Help us spread the word that feeding hay is the key to a health bunny! Please share 🐰🐰🐰🐰

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