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It’s Day #4 of Rabbit Awareness Week!🥕

It’s Tuesday Treat Day! Ok I just made that up, but we are talking about rabbit treats today. 😋 Rabbits have traditionally been associated with carrots going waaaay back before I can remember (no I’m not THAT old!!). They go together like cheese and mice, bananas and monkeys. Apparently it all started with Bugs Bunny chewing a carrot in an open parody of the 1934 film “It Happened One Night”, in which Clark Gable was talking around a carrot he was chewing. Following that episode it became standard Bugs Bunny behaviour and resulted in years of kids growing up thinking rabbits loved carrots!! Well we are here to let you know that it’s not true! Domestic rabbits do enjoy eating carrots of course, but they are not a natural source of food for rabbits who would prefer to eat carrot tops! We recommend that you feed carrots and fruits in small amounts as occasional treats. Over feeding them can cause dietary upsets much the same way as you would get if you ate too many sugary sweets! 🤢 Spread the word so that Bugs Bunny doesn’t confuse us any more 🐰

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